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  Sinope   - a Greek city in Paphlagonia, on the northern coast of Anatolia
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  + Sinopeans , Sinopeus , Sinopian
220/45 The Rhodians help Sinope against Mithridates.
219/15a SEG_48.1097, a decree of Sinope in honour of an envoy from Cos.
183/5 Pharnaces captures Sinope.
72/29 dates retreats to Amisus and Sinope, and appeals to his son Machares
70/28 Lucullus captures Sinope.
44/4 Julii, Heracleia Pontica, Ilium, Novum Comum, Sinope and in Sicily.
    Within translations:
AntipThes_7.65   you fools ; for he of Sinope, even in Hades, hates ever
AntipThes_11.158   sturdy Heracles club of Sinopian Diogenes and the double
Arrian:Fr_1   zus (a Greek colony from Sinope), to Eumenes of Cardia;
Athen_6.235   eracles; and Diodorus of Sinope, a comic poet, in his Heir
Athen_6.239   And Diodorus of Sinope, in his Orphan Heiress, has thes
Athen_6.251   ator. And Baton of Sinope relates, in his book about the
Athen_8.339   the mighty conger from Sinope, & With his stout spines;
Athen_11.467   of a cup. Dionysius of Sinope, when giving a list of
Athen_11.497   dearest king."   Dionysius of Sinope, when giving a list of
Athen_14.615   agnus said, Dionysius of Sinope, the comic poet, in his
Athen_14.639   & But Baton of Sinope, the orator, in his treatise on
Memn_26   that he should attack Sinope and start a war for contro
Memn_29   authority, and sailed off to Sinope. Lucullus, Cotta
Memn_37   tes had put in charge of Sinope along with Cleochares, gav
Oros_6.2   with great difficulty to reach Sinope and later, Amisus.
Oros_6.3   2 Lucullus laid siege to Sinope, intending to take it by
Philip_16.25   eard of Demostratus from Sinope, who twice won the Isthmia
Plin:HN_6.6   there is the colony of Sinope, 164 miles from Cytorus; the
Plin:HN_6.7   of Amisus 130 miles from Sinope, and the bay of the
Plin:HN_6.216   Mount Ida, Cyzicus, Lampsacus, Sinope, Amisus, Heraclea in Pontus,
Plin:HN_33.117   gone over to red-ochre and Sinopic ochre, pigments about which I
Plin:HN_35.31   name from the city of Sinope. It is also produced in
Plinius:Ep_10.90   jan. The people of Sinope, Sir, are short of a proper wate
Plinius:Ep_10.91   -supply to the colony of Sinope, provided that it can bear
Plut:Agis_15   must be admitted that Baton of Sinope relates it in anothe
Polyaen_7.21.2   tames intended to attack Sinope; but the city had a very
Polyaen_7.21.5   While he was besieging Sinope, Datames received a letter
POxy_1380   Ascalon mightiest ; at Sinope many-named ; at Raphia mis
SEG_48.1097   (c. 220)   From the Sinopeans. It was resolved
Simonid_7.509   monument of Theognis of Sinope, erected over him by Glauc
StephByz_70   just as Sinōpis is from Sinōpeus, is Alexandri
THI_164   (c. 100) [sailed] down (?) to Sinope, [carrying] royal supplies to t

  Sinope 2   of Thrace - a courtesan, 4th century B.C.
Athen_13.558 peared. & Then for Sinope's friends, may I not say & That
Athen_13.567 an's doors, & But haunts Sinope, Nannion, and Lyca, & And
Athen_13.585 tion [ 22'56 ], mentions Sinope and Phanostrate; [586] and
Athen_13.586 te; [586] and respecting Sinope, Herodicus the pupil of
Athen_13.594 following manner about Sinope the courtesan [ 59'116 ]:
Athen_13.595 had been the slave of Sinope the Thracian, who brought

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