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  Social   War - a war in Greece between the Aetolians and king Philippus, 220-217 B.C.
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220/36 Aetolians; the start of the Social War, which is the formal start
217/39 Aetolians and Philippus and his allies; the end of the Social War.

  Social 2   War - a war in Italy between the Romans and the other Italians, 91-88 8B.C.
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  + Italic
91/32 Dire omens portend the atrocities of the Social War.
88/8 Heracleia sends warships to assist the Romans during the Social War.
88/9 ulla, and the other leaders of the opposing sides in the Social War.
88/10 The Social War causes widespread devastation throughout Italy.
88/11 defeats and kills Poppaedius in Apulia; the end of the Social War.
88/71 rded with Roman citizenship, for his services during the Social War.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.588   at the beginning of the Italic War; that they had sta
CIL_1.847   shots of lead of the so-called Social War. 90- 89 B.C.
Plin:HN_3.70   legate Lucius Sulla in the Social War destroyed the place that
Polyaen_8.9.1   Sulla. In the Social War Aldinus, a legate and ex-pra

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