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  Strattis   - a writer of Old Comedy
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.248   ere? And Pherecrates, or Strattis, in his Good Men - & How
Athen_10.415   ioned by Pherecrates, or Strattis, whichever was the autho
Athen_11.467   quotes from the Medea of Strattis : "Do you know, Creon,
Athen_11.473   mentioned by the comic poet Strattis in Lemnomeda in these words
Athen_11.502   a ladle, sauce-boats."   Strattis in Keeping : "Another
Athen_12.551   carried off. And Strattis also mentions Sannyrion, in
Athen_13.589   ess in Sicily. But Strattis, in his play entitled The Mace
Athen_13.592   ughter by her. And Strattis speaks of her in these lines:
Athen_14.621   with respect to words, Strattis shows us in the Phoeniss
Athen_14.654   houses, we learn from Strattis, in his Pausanias, where
Athen_14.656   gmaf;. Accordingly Strattis in his Callippides says, with
Athen_15.685   The Good Men Pherecrates or Strattis, whichever is the author, says
Athen_15.690   Pherecrates in his Petale and Strattis, in his Medea speaks thus:-
Athen_15.699   Strattis also mentions the γράβια in

  Strattis   - in documents
Syll_322 liskos son of Dexikrates Strattis son of Nossos Leon

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