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  Sunium   - a cape on the south coast of Attica, Greece
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Athen_6.263   tomorrow free-men be of Sunium, & And the day after publi
Athen_6.272   ized on the Acropolis on Sunium, and that for a very long
Demetr:Eloc_150   derbolt lights upon & & 'Sunium, Attica's headland.' & &
Plut:Arat_34   Munychia, Salamis, and Sunium to the Athenians for the
Polyaen_4.7.6   tions to conceal themselves at Sunium. From those he selec
SEG_21.469   (129/8)   oposed by Xenophon of Sounion, the son of Sopatride
Syll_1089   (307/6) in comedies was [Kallip]pos of Sounion, son of Kallias.
Syll_657   (155/4)   son of Thraseas . . . of Sounion, the son of . . .
Syll_697.E   (128/7) smētēs was Apollonios of Sounion, the son of Apollonio

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