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  Tanais   - a river in Scythia, the modern river Don
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[Tib]:PanMes_135   and where the Hebrus and the Tanais water the Getae and
Athen_13.575   pian gates as far as the river Tanais. Now the daughter
Just_12.5   Alexandria on the river Tanais, completing a wall six mil
Oros_3.18   on the banks of the Tanais River, the city of Alexandria.
PsCallisth_3.28   and came to the river Tanais, which flows between Asia
Simonid_7.496   the long course of the Tanais, and did not dwell near
StephByz_70   Alexander on the river Tanais, as Ptolemy explains in

  Tanais 2   - a village near Oxyrhynchus, Egypt
SelPap_1.18 Tapontheus, of the village of Tanais (?). We volunta

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