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  Teos   - an Ionian city on the coast of Asia Minor
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  + Teian , Teians
303/20 4, letters from Antigonus to Teos concerning plans for a synoecism
286/1a SEG_44.949, a decree of Teos concerning a large ransom to be paid
261/33 Syll_426, a decree of Bargylia in honour of Tyron of Teos.
203/11 Austin_191, a decree of Teos in honour of Antiochus III.
203/12 Delphi and the Aetolian League, recognising Teos as inviolable.
202/13a Bagnall_129, a letter from Amynander of Athamania to Teos.
193/5 Syll_601, a letter from the praetor M.Valerius to the city of Teos
166/19 honour of envoys sent from Teos to Rome to oppose the claims of
159/10a OGIS_309, a decree of Teos in honour of Apollonis.
158/6b RC_53, a letter from Eumenes to the Dionysiac artists at Teos.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_4.2   red, just as Anacreon of Teos describes Aphrodite, styling
Aelian:NA_7.29   olophon arrived at Teos with the intention of buying up
AnthPal_16.308   the honeyed Loves, the swan of Teos. For his leering glanc
AntipSid_7.30   tomb; here sleeps the Teian swan and the untempered mad
Athen_5.214   the island Apellicon of Teos, who had become a citizen
Athen_11.461   mentioned also by Scythinus of Teos in the work entitled History
Athen_11.481   cups kylichnai, showing that in Teos also the cylices were very
Athen_11.505   time, in fact, Alexamenus of Teos had invented this type of
Athen_12.538   Athenian, and Athenodorus of Teos. And Heracleitus of
Athen_12.548   lydorus the physician of Teos used to live with Antipater,
Athen_13.598-600 *   eloquence of his hymns, to the Teian poet. Yea, for the
Athen_14.625   say that Pythermus of Teos wrote songs such as are call
Julian:Mis_366   with black," as the poet of Teos [ Anacreon ] said. Eno
Plin:HN_33.50   the Great's prefect Hagnon of Teos having his sandals soled with
RC_4   (c. 303) council and the people of Teos, greeting.   When we [
RC_3.A   (c. 303) [your envoys] and be called Tean.
RC_35   (205-201) and the people of Teos, greeting. Pythagoras and Kleitos,
RC_53   (197-160)   g to our policy towards the Teians. For their part,
SEG_2.580   (229-205)   cess of the city of Teos, they shall also offer p
SEG_44.949   (302-286)   that] the people of Teos understands [(?) how to sh
Simonid_7.24   pillar of the grave of Teian Anacreon ; that he, the rev
Simonid_7.25   the Same In this tomb of Teos, his home, was Anacreon laid
Syll_409   (c. 255/4)   captured Hagnon of Teos along with his ships; and
Syll_426   (c. 270-261)   gylia sent envoys to Teos, to ask that they give us
Syll_563   (203/2)   aitolika; since the Teians have sent Pythagoras and
Syll_564   (203/2)   ys from the people of Teos to the Aetolian league,
Syll_565   (203/2)   ed by law]: since the Teians have sent [Pythagoras
Syll_566   (203/2)   agoras and Kleitos of Teos, the sons of Kleitos,
Syll_588   (190-180)   chos , & Mylasians: & Teians: & Kyzikenes: & Ach
THI_112   (c. 170&) nbsp; us as envoys by the Teians, not only dwelt in our
THI_148   (c. 201)   bsp; Since the Teians, who have been our friends an
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   sp; Colophon,   Teos,   Ephesus,   P

  Teos 2   - king of Egypt, 362-360 B.C.
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  + Tachos
Athen_14.616   for yourself. And Tachos the king of Egypt ridiculed Ages
Euseb]:Chron_149   us: Nectanebis, 10 years Teōs, 2 years Nectanebus,
Nepos_17.8   gone to the help of Tachos in Egypt. He had taken

  Teos   - in documents
SelPap_1.185 (Late 2nd cent.)   mes son of Harphaesis, Teos son of Petechon, Papneb
SelPap_2.316 nder, royal scribe, from Teos, younger son of Onnop

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