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  Thessalonice   - daughter of Philippus; wife of Cassander
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316/26 Cassander marries Thessalonice, the daughter of Philippus.
294/6 Antipater kills his mother Thessalonice.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.557   ght him a daughter named Thessalonice; and the other was
Euseb]:Chron_231   Cassander married Thessalonice the daughter of Philippus,
FGrH_155.2   rders, Cassander married Thessalonice the stepsister of
Just_14.6   of king Aeacides, and Thessalonice, her step-daughter,
Just_16.1   sander and Philip, queen Thessalonice, the wife of Cassand
Oros_3.23.30   50 Although Thessalonice, his own mother and the
Plut:Demetr_36   having killed his mother Thessalonice, Alexander, the othe
PsCallisth_3.33   Lysimachus and his wife, Thessalonice, the daughter of Phi

  Thessalonice 2   - a city in Macedonia
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  + Thessalonian , Thessalonica
315/7 Cassander founds the city of Thessalonice.
229/1 in_133, two decrees of Delos in honour of citizens of Thessalonica.
229/1 n_133, a decree of Delos in honour of Aristobulus of Thessalonice
186/1 ruling of Philippus about the property of Sarapis at Thessalonice.
185/4 e Roman commissioners go to Thessalonice to learn about Philippus's
143/22 th the name of Cn.Egnatius, from the Via Egnatia near Thessalonice
58/38 :Att_3.8, a letter from Cicero to Atticus, written at Thessalonice
58/55 t_3.17-19, letters from Cicero to Atticus, written at Thessalonice
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_15.1   Between Beroea and Thessalonica there flows a river called
Aelian:NA_15.20   here is a region near to Thessalonica in Macedonia which
AntipSid_9.58   orld: & see Antipater of Thessalonica [9.66] & { G-P 12
AntipThes_9.428   Calpurnius Piso} Thessalonica, the mother of all Macedon
FGrH_155.2   who later founded the city of Thessalonice. Her husband
Just_25.3   him in his flight, to Thessalonica, there to watch what
Philip_9.255   .150 (Antipater of Thessalonica) Needy Aristeides reckoned
Plin:HN_6.216   Macedonia, Larisa, Amphipolis, Thessalonica, PeIla, Edesus, Beroea,
PsCallisth_1.24   ortant person, a wealthy Thessalonian, and he had a very
Schol:Bob_153   and while Cicero was at Thessalonica, Plancius helped to
Syll_492   (c. 263)   machos . . . of Thessalonike in Macedonia, the so
Syll_680   (c. 143)   Damon of Thessalonike in Macedonia, the
THI_91   (240-230)   ]   The city of Thessalonike to the council an
THI_213   (c. 175-150) up [the statue] in Thessalonikē, in whatever] place [is

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