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  Timaeus   of Tauromenium - Greek historian, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
311/17 Timaeus the historian moves to Athens.
259/7 Timaeus writes his history in exile.
259/8 The death of the historian Timaeus, aged 96 years.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_17.15 rears its chicks. Timaeus, Heraclides, and Diocles the
Apollod:Fr_68 the Eleatic school, who, Timaeus says, lived in the time
Athen_2.37 * * * [5.] [37] Timaeus of Tauromenium relates that the
Athen_4.153 expensive garments." And Timaeus, in the first book of his
Athen_4.163 ippus asserts. But Timaeus of Tauromenium, in the ninth
Athen_5.206 their walls. And Timaeus extols highly the funeral pile
Athen_6.250 than honey. And Timaeus, in the twenty-second book of
Athen_6.264 mega;&]. [86.] And Timaeus of Tauromenium, in the ninth
Athen_6.272 ['marsh']." [103.] But Timaeus of Tauromenium, forgettin
Athen_10.416 Treatise addressed to Timaeus, says that among the Sici
Athen_11.509 ty. [509] &   And Timaeus of Cyzicus (as the same Democha
Athen_12.518 their city. And Timaeus relates concerning them, that
Athen_12.519 hip between the two cities, as Timaeus relates. For of the
Athen_12.522 the men of Croton, as Timaeus says, after they had dest
Athen_12.523 by the Colophonians, as Timaeus and Aristotle tell us,
Athen_12.541 ooks and bird-catchers." Timaeus also mentions him in his
Athen_13.573 lso relates, and so does Timaeus, in his seventh book),
Athen_13.588 xth book of his Reply to Timaeus: and Aristippus was one
Athen_13.589 well known. And Timaeus, in the thirteenth book of his
Athen_13.602 mong the Greeks from Crete, as Timaeus informs us. But oth
Athen_14.659 which are addressed to Timaeus, that Maeson was indeed
Cic:Brut_63 ices of the city; though Timaeus, as if he acted by the
Cic:Brut_325 egance; of this cast was Timaeus the historian, and the
DionHal:Din_8 the orators of the school of Timaeus, Psaon and Sosigene
Euseb]:Chron_281 ver we ought to call it, Timaeus of Sicily, following what
Lucian:Macr_10 at ninety, as Demochares and Timaeus tell us. Hiero, tyr
Lucian:Macr_22 the Syrian eighty-five also, Timaeus of Tauromenium nine

  Timaeus 2   of Elis - victor in the conest for trumpeters at the Olympic games, 396 B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_203 was added, and the winner was Timaeus of Elis. [p205] A

  Timaeus 3   - title of a book by Plato
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_3 yptian in Plato's book [ Timaeus, 22'B ] rightly despises
Euseb]:Chron_181 ntions this in the Timaeus, as follows: "When he wished

  Timaeus 4   - general of the Aetolian league, 240/39 B.C.
Syll_472 (c. 240)   Since Timaios, Kleopatros . . .
Syll_610 (190)   s of Amphissa - upper Timaios of Arsinoē The

  Timaeus   - in documents
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   otimos, Philonikos, Timaios, Mnasias, Theodotos C

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