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  Trachis   - a region in Thessaly, Greece
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  + Trachinians
Aelian:NA_9.27   the name of yew grows in Trachis, and if creeping things
AnthPal_6.3   eracles, who tread stony Trachis and Oeta and the headland
AnthPal_16.111   the long-suffering hero from Trachis. For in his dry eye
Athen_11.462   the foot of Oeta and Trachis, some of their inhabitants, the
Plin:HN_37.141   Agates are found too in Trachis near Mount Oeta, on Parnassus,
Polyaen_2.21.1   arrived at Heracleia in Trachis, he summoned an assembly;
Polyaen_7.15.5   But Ephialtes of Trachis revealed to him a secret way

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