Royal Correspondence: 16


Original text:   IvP_1.7
Date:     c. 260 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This poorly preserved inscription apparently refers to a petition from a military settlement. The sometimes difficult relationship between Eumenes I and his soldiers is revealed by another inscription, BD¹_23 (OGIS 266).

[A] [Eumenes to the generals, hipparchs,] leaders and cavalrymen, [greetings] . . . son of Aristomachos . . ., [the envoys who were sent] by you, [have handed over your petition, in which] you request . . .

[B] [So let the freedom from taxes, which] they previously were accustomed [to have, remain as our predecessors] have determined; if the cavalrymen [transport] anything [from their personal property], we allow you to have the revenue from it [free from taxes]; and if [any of the other] Greeks who are residing with you wish [to sell some of their produce, we have granted] to you for [. . . freedom from payments to the royal treasury for the land] that you farm . . .

[C] . . . you shall be [(?) free from taxes . . . so that . . .] may be built . . .

letter 17

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