Royal Correspondence: 4


Greek text:   Teos_59   ( Syll_344 )
Date:     c. 303 B.C.
Tags:     synoecism

In this second letter, Antigonos modified some of the terms stated in his previous letter ( RC_3 ).

King Antigonos to the council and the people of Teos, greeting.   When we [ before studied ] how the synoecism might be completed most quickly, 110 we did not see from what source the [necessary] money would come [for you] to be able [to give immediately] to the Lebedians the value of their houses, because the amount available from the revenues comes in over a [rather long] period of time. [When we received] your envoys and those from the Lebedians and asked [them if they had any] expedient to suggest, and they said they had none except taxation, examining [their proposals] we find that your richest citizens only have always advanced the property taxes. [It seems good to us, then], that your list of "rich" citizens include six hundred names, that [these men] advance money in proportion to their property so that there may be [for the Lebedians] one-fourth of the compensation available at once, and that repayment be made to these men first after an interval [of a year] from the revenues [of the city], all of them being appropriated for this purpose.

letter 5

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