Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 35.1476


Greek text:   SEG_35.1476
Provenance:   Icarus , Persian Gulf
Date:   c. 203 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Translated by:   C.Roueché & S.Sherwin-White
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was discovered at Ikaros, which was a Greek settlement on an island in the Persian Gulf, near Kuwait; the modern name of the island is Failaka.   For a discussion of the inscription in the context of the archaeology of Failaka, see S.Sherwin-White & A.Kuhrt, "From Samarkhand to Sardis", pp. 172-178 ( Google Books ).

[A] Anaxarchos to the inhabitants of Ikaros, greetings. A copy of the letter that Ikadion wrote to us is appended below. As [soon as you receive] the letter, inscribe it [on a stone stele], and place it in the temple. [Year 109, 2]7th day of Artemisios.   Farewell.

[B] Ikadion to Anaxarchos, greetings. The king is concerned about the island of Ikaros, because his ancestors also consecrated (?) land there and decided to move the temple of the Saviour Goddess. And they wrote to the officials in charge of administration instructing them to move it. But they, either [perhaps] because they were prevented or indeed for some [other] reason, did not move it. But we, when the king wrote to us, moved [it (?) promptly] and we established . . . games with gymnastic and musical contests, wishing to carry out the policy of the king and his ancestors. As to the people settled in the island - both the temple wardens { neokoroi } and the others . . . of the Saviour [God] . . . they are not to encroach on this in any way but are to leave alone . . . So let it be your concern [to ensure that] men obtain their rights and are not wronged [by anyone] or moved. [And if] some of these wish to [(?) acquire property] on the island, designate [land which,] when they have cultivated and planted it, [they will own] as a hereditary possession. Let [them also have] freedom from taxation just as the ancestors [of the king] granted them [for whatever goods] they export to the island; but [(?) to the region of Ar]abia do not allow [(?) anyone to export corn or] anything else. If . . . in order that they should not fall [(?) into ill health . . . Order] them therefore to inscribe [this] letter and [to set it up] in the temple. Year (?) 109, 17th day of Artemisios.   Farewell.

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