Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 39.605+606


Greek text:   Melet_22.EA.54 , Melet_22.EA.53
Provenance:   Morrylos , Macedonia
Date:   (605) soon after 206/5 ,   (606) soon after 208/7 B.C.
Tags:     walls+fortifications
Format:   see key to translations

These inscriptions reveal the spread of Greek city institutions into a rural community. The result, in the second decree, seems comical to a modern reader, but the importance of cattle to Greek 'sacred economies' is well documented; see J. McInerney, "The Cattle of the Sun: Cows and Culture in the World of the Ancient Greeks", ch. 7 ( Google Books ). There is a discussion of the two decrees by J. Ma, "The polis in a cold climate", pp.309-311 & 321-322 ( ) - he prefers a later date for the first decree.

The translations are adapted from M. B. Hatzopoulos, "Macedonian institutions under the kings", pp.148-149 ( PDF - 49 MB ).

[605]   . . . in times of [heavy] expenditure he contributed to the maintenance of the visitors, and on the occasion of the visits of the authorities and the other obligations of providing shelter, he entertained and spent from his own resources; in the 17th year, having undertaken to build the city wall, alone, in order to provide for the safety of all, he had [corn] brought to the market, and over and above that, spending freely, gave pasturing cows to the citizens and to the god.   Therefore, it was resolved to praise Alketas [for his] care and goodwill towards the citizens; and to crown him with a crown of olive leaves and a painted image, and to set up his image in the most conspicuous place of the sanctuary of Asklepios; and to keep as a holiday the day of the month of Daisios when Alketas was elected by the citizens to the highest office; in order that [others] too seeing the liberality of the city, may become more zealous, [the archons] shall send [the decree] to the mnemon, to have it engraved on a [stone] stele and to set it up in the most conspicuous place.   It was approved by vote . . . 

[606]   Euxenos son of Samos, Menandros son of Holoichos and Nikanor son of Paramonos, the archons, proposed:   since Paramonos son of Samagoras, when Demetrios son of Sopatros was strategos, presenting himself to the assembly gave to the city and to Asklepios a cow of his herd; and as a result of this and its numerous progeny, in the fifteenth year, when Epinikos was strategos, it was resolved by the city to crown him with a crown of olive leaves, but the archons at that time did not publish the decree through a document of their own;   therefore it is resolved by the city of Morrylos, since Paramonos acts towards them as a citizen without reproach and in all matters devotes himself to the common interest, that he be praised and crowned with a crown of olive leaves; and that he himself shall set up the stele with the decree in the most conspicuous place of the sanctuary of Asklepios, in order that the other citizens, seeing that some gratitude is imparted to such men, may be eager to adopt a similar attitude; and that the decree shall be sent to the mnemon.   It was approved by vote on the 17th day of Hyperberetaios.

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