Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 44.1113


Greek text:   SEG_44.1113
Provenance:   Bayat, Korkuteli   (Pisidia)
Date:   36-25 B.C.
Tags:     saviours
Format:   see key to translations

Amyntas the tetrarch of Galatia was given additional territories in Anatolia by the Romans, and he made many attempts to defend and enlarge those territories. The inhabitants of Sandalion were some of his most determined opponents; Strabo ( 12.c6 ) explicitly states that he never captured Sandalion. This inscription was first published by S. Mitchell, in "Studies in the History and Topography of Lycia and Pisidia", pp. 95-105 ( Google Books ).

 . . . hero.

The city of the Typalliōtai honoured Trokondas son of Obrimotos, its saviour and benefactor, who was sent by the city of Termessos in alliance to king Amyntas, son of Dyitalos, the tetrarch of the Galatians, for the war against the Sandaliōtai. After many actions worthy of remembrance, he died fighting bravely, and on account of his virtue was honoured by the king with the greatest rewards for valour and with a gilded statue.

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