Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 66.987


Greek text:   SEG_66.987 
Provenance:     Samothrace
Date:   280/279 or 239-223 B.C.
Translated by :   P. Juhel
Format:   see key to translations

Most scholars have dated this inscription to the reign of Ptolemy III, based on similarities to a decree in honour of Hippomedon ( Syll_502 ). But P. Juhel has argued that it should be dated to the reign of Ptolemy Keraunos ( Historia 64, 2015 ). In his opinion, the "barbarians" in the inscription are the Celts who invaded Macedonia in 279 B.C., rather than Thracians, as assumed by most others.

It was resolved by the council; Polychares, son of Leochares, basileus, made the motion: whereas Epinikos, appointed by King Ptolemaios to be in charge of Maroneia, who is a citizen and friend and sympathetic toward the people, and in matters respecting the gods piously disposed, has continued to offer services both toward the city publicly and privately toward the citizens who come to him, in no case disputing with the assembly concerning the requested services;

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