Select Papyri, 1.130


Greek text:   POxy 930
Date:   2nd or 3rd cent. A.D.

. . . do not hesitate to write to me about anything which you require from here. I was grieved to learn from the daughter of our teacher Diogenes that he had gone down the river; for my mind was easy with regard to him, as I knew that he intended to look after you to the best of his power. I took care to send and inquire about your health and to learn what you were reading. He said it was the 6th book {of the Iliad}, and he testified at large to the conduct of your attendant. So now, my child, you and your attendant must take care to have you placed under a suitable teacher. Many salutations from your sisters and the children of Theonis, whom the evil eye shall not harm, and from all our friends by name. Salute from me your esteemed attendant Eros . . .

{Addressed}   . . . to her son Ptolemaeus.

papyrus 131

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