Select Papyri, 1.153


Greek text:   POxy 1680
Date:   3rd or 4th cent. A.D.

. . . dearest father, and I pray to God that you are prosperous and successful and that we may receive you home in good health. I have indeed told you before of my grief at your absence from among us, my fear being that something dreadful might happen to you and that we may not find your body. Indeed I have often wished to tell you that in view of the unsettled state of things I wanted to stamp a mark on you. And now I hear that Heraclius the present overseer is vigorously searching for you, and I suspect that he must have some new claim against you. If you owe him anything, I wish you to know this, that I have taken to Gaius two artabas of corn and . . .

{Addressed}   To my lord and beloved father Apollo.

papyrus 154

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