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Greek text:   PHib 84a   L.1-15
Date:   About 285 B.C.

In the reign of Ptolemy, the 5th year of the priesthood of Menelaus son of Lagus, in the month Dius. Epimenes, Athenian, has sold to Timocles, Chalcidian, thirty artabas of wheat, and Epimenes has received the price from Timocles on the date of this contract. Epimenes shall deliver the corn to Timocles out of the coming new crops from the threshing-floor in the month Panemus, free from all impurities, measured by the royal choi standard, in the village of Peroe. If he fails to deliver it, Epimenes shall forfeit to Timocles as the value of each artaba four drachmas, and Timocles shall have the right of execution upon the property of Epimenes, making exaction in whatever way he chooses. This contract shall be valid wherever it is produced by Timocles or by any other person making exaction on behalf of Timocles in like manner. Witnesses: . . ., Dionysius, Aristomachus, Meli . . ., Stasippus, C . . . us. Keeper of the contract: Dionysius son of Hierocles.

papyrus 35

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