Select Papyri, 1.88


Greek text:   PCairZen 59060
Date:   257 B.C.

Hierocles to Zenon a greeting. If you are well, it would be excellent. I too am in good health. You wrote to me about Pyrrhus, telling me to train him if I am quite certain of his success, but if not, to avoid incurring useless expense and distracting him from his studies. Now as for my being certain, the gods should know best, but it seems to Ptolemaeus, as far as a man can tell, that Pyrrhus is much better than those now being trained, though they started long before him, and that in a very short time he will be far ahead of them; moreover he is pursuing his other studies as well; and to speak with the gods' leave, I hope to see you crowned. Make haste to send him a bathing-apron, and if possible let it be of goatskin or, if not, of thin sheepskin, and a tunic and cloak, and the mattress, coverlet and pillows, and the honey. You wrote to me that you were surprised at my not understanding that all these things are subject to toll. I know it, but you are well able to arrange for them to be sent in perfect security.

{Addressed}   To Zenon.

{Docketed}   Hierocles about Pyrrhus. Year 29, Xandicus 3, at Memphis.

papyrus 89

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