Select Papyri, 1.92


Greek text:   PCairZen 59192
Date:   255 B.C.

Platon to Zenon greeting. The father of Demetrius the bearer of this letter happens, it seems, to be residing in the Arsinoite nome, and the lad therefore wishes to find employment there himself. On hearing of your kindly disposition some of his friends asked me to write to you about him, begging you to give him a post in your service. Please then do me a favour and provide some employment for him, whatever you may think suitable, and otherwise look after him, if you find him useful. As a token of goodwill I have sent you, from Sosus, 2 artabas of chick-peas bought at 5 drachmas each, and if there are any at Naucratis, I will try to buy you about 20 artabas more and bring them up to you myself. Goodbye. Year 31, Dius 12.

{Addressed}   To Zenon.

papyrus 93

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