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Greek text:   PHib 54
Date:   About 245 B.C.

Demophon to Ptolemaeus greeting. Send me by hook or crook the flute-player Petous with both the Phrygian and the other flutes; and if any expenditure is necessary, pay and you shall recover from me. Send me also Zenobius the effeminate dancer with a drum and cymbals and castanets, for the women want him for the sacrifice; and let him be dressed as finely as possible. Get the kid also from Aristion and send it to me. And if you have arrested the slave, hand him over to Semphtheus to bring to me. Send me also as many cheeses as you can, empty jars, vegetables of all sorts, and any delicacies that you may have. Goodbye. Put them on board with policemen who will help to bring the boat along.

{Addressed}   To Ptolemaeus.

papyrus 96

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