Select Papyri, 2.207


Greek text:   PHal 1   L.166-185
Date: Middle of 3rd cent. B.C.

King Ptolemy to Antiochus greeting. About the billeting of the soldiers, we hear that some undue violence is used, as they do not receive lodgings from the oikonomoi, but themselves break into the houses and ejecting the inhabitants occupy them by force. Give orders therefore that in future this is not to be done ; if possible, let them provide accommodation for themselves, but if indeed it is necessary that quarters should be given to them by the oikonomoi, let these give them what they strictly require. And when they depart from their quarters, let them give them up after putting them in order and not leave them as theirs until they return, as we hear that they now do ; for it seems that when they go away they let them to others or seal up the rooms before leaving. Be particularly careful about Arsinoe near Apollonopolis, to see that, if soldiers come, none of them shall be billeted there, but that they shall reside in Apollonopolis. But if they have any urgent reason for staying in Arsinoe, let them erect for themselves mud huts, as did those who came formerly. Goodbye.

papyrus 208

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