Select Papyri, 2.287


Greek text: PRyl 116
Date:   A.D. 194.

Copy of a complaint by Saprion. To Heracleides, strategos of the Hermopolite nome, from Saprion also called Hermaeus son of Sarapion, ex-cosmetes and ex-gymnasiarch of Hermopolis Magna. As I was conferring with my mother Eudaemonis daughter of Eudaemon elder son of Sotas about the property left me by my father Sarapion according to the will which he made, she, oppressed by consciousness of what she had appropriated both of furniture and stores and other things very far from few, assaulted me with the aid of Serenus also called Tiberinus, ex-gymnasiarch and husband of her sister, and they not only abused me but tore my garments, wishing to deprive me of my own property. Wherefore I present this petition, requesting that it be filed as evidence until I proceed against them, without prejudice to any of my rights. The 2nd year of the Emperor Caesar Lucius Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Pachon 20. I, Saprion also called Hermaeus, have presented this petition.

papyrus 288

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