Select Papyri, 2.354


Original text: PGiess 4
Date: A.D. 118.

To Apollonius, strategus of the Apollonopolite-Heptacomia nome, from Pseathuris the younger, son of Pseathuris . . ., and from Senpachompsais the younger, daughter of Pseathuris, inhabitants of the metropolis. As our lord Hadrianus Caesar among his other indulgences has ordained that Crown land, public land, and domain land shall be cultivated at rents corresponding to their various values and not in accordance with the old order, and as we have been overburdened for a long time with public dues on Crown land in the area of the metropolis, Pseathuris the younger paying on 81/2 arurae at the rate of 21/12 artabae for each and on 7/32 of an arura at the rate of 31/12, and Senpachompsais daughter of Pseathuris on 111/16 arurae at the rate of 41/12 artabae, total 103/8 arurae, having just now obtained the indulgence mentioned we present this application, undertaking to cultivate the aforesaid l03/8 arurae at the rate of l1/24 artabae of wheat for each arura, unirrigated land and half of the artificially irrigated land being exempted according to custom. The 2nd year of the Emperor Caesar Hadrianus Augustus, Tubi 15. {Signed} I, Pseathuris the younger, and I, Senpachompsais . . . have presented this application as above, through Antaeus my son.

papyrus 355

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