Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 693


Greek text:   IG_12.2.510
Date:   154-129 B.C.
Tags:     treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

Sylloge³ placed the date of this inscription around 129 B.C., which has been accepted by several subsequent writers. But it is by no means certain, and an earlier date around 154 B.C. has been suggested by R.K.Sherk, "Rome and the Greek East to the Death of Augustus", no. 33 ( Google Books ).   The translation is taken from A.Johnson, P.Coleman-Norton & F.Bourne, "Ancient Roman Statutes", no. 43 ( Google Books )

. . . The people of Methymna shall not give aid officially or maliciously to the enemies of Rome.

The people of Rome shall not grant passage officially or maliciously through their own land or through land under Roman control to public or private enemies of the people of Methymna, so that such enemies may bring war on the people of Methymna and on those who are subject to them, nor shall they give aid officially or maliciously to such enemies with arms or supplies or ships.

If anyone takes the initiative in bringing war on the people of Methymna, then the people of Rome shall give such aid to the people of Methymna as may be suitable; and if anyone takes the initiative in bringing war on the people of Rome, then the people of Methymna shall give to the people of Rome such aid as appears to be suitable in accordance with the treaty and the oaths between the people of Rome and the people of Methymna.

If by mutual consent they wish to add anything to this treaty or to subtract anything therefrom, it shall be permissable by joint official agreement of each party so desiring. Whatever they add or subtract in the treaty, this also shall be written in the treaty.

inscription 694

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