Cicero: Tusculan Disputations

Cicero's Tusculan Disputations, written in 45 B.C., is a discussion of various topics that had been explored by Greek philosophers. It takes the form of conversations at Cicero's Tusculan villa.

This English translation, by C.D. Yonge (1877), used to be available at ebooks.adelaide. It has been copied here and reformatted. The Latin text, as edited by M. Pohlenz (Teubner, 1918), can be found in Perseus.

The dialogue is split into five books, and links to the translation of each part of these books can be found in the following table.

Book 1 Latin text   1.1-66 English translation   On The Contempt Of Death  
1.67-119 English translation  
Book 2 Latin text   2.1-67 English translation   On Bearing Pain  
Book 3 Latin text   3.1-49 English translation   On Grief of Mind  
3.50-84 English translation  
Book 4 Latin text   4.1-44 English translation   On The Other Disturbances of the Mind  
4.45-84 English translation  
Book 5 Latin text   5.1-67 English translation   Whether Virtue Alone is Sufficient for a Happy Life  
5.68-121 English translation  

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