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  Amastris   - ruler of Heracleia after the death of her husband Dionysius, in 305 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
321/6 Dionysius of Heracleia marries Amastris.
305/4 sperous reign of Dionysius of Heracleia, aided by his wife Amastris.
302/7 Lysimachus marries Amastris, the widow of Dionysius of Heracleia.
288/12 of the city of Amastris, by Amastris the mother of the tyrants of
288/13 Amastris is murdered by her sons.
    Within translations:
Memn_4 rriage. He married Amastris, the daughter of Oxathres; thi
Memn_5 with Arsinoe had caused Amastris to leave him, he still
Polyaen_6.12.1 son of Lysimachus and Amastris, formed a plot to make

  Amastris 2   - a city on the coast of Paphlagonia, founded by Amastris of Heracleia
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288/12 foundation of the city of Amastris, by Amastris the mother of the
287/4 ties of Heracleia, Tius, and Amastris as a gift to his wife Arsinoe.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_15.5   Sea - Heraclea, Tium, ** and Amastris. Now the inhabitan
Memn_4   and created the new city of Amastris. [5] Clearchus had
Memn_5   uded praise for Tius and Amastris, the city which she had
Memn_9   not succeed in regaining Amastris (which had been taken
Memn_35   had captured Tius and Amastris, Cotta immediately sent
Plin:HN_6.5   town of Sesamon, now called Amastris; Mount Cytorus, 63 miles from
Plinius:Ep_10.98   rajan. The city of Amastris, Sir, which is both elegantly
Plinius:Ep_10.99   lows through the city of Amastris should be covered over,
SEG_47.1125   (90/89)   tes; since Diogenes of (?) Amastris, the son of Dio

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