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  Apame   - the wife of Seleucus I, king of Syria
Wikipedia entry
  + Apama
298/10a n_51, a decree of Miletus in honour of Apama, the wife of Seleucus.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_249 eeded by Antiochus, his son by Apame the Persian. Antiochu
Malal_198 his wife a virgin called Apama, after killing her father
Plut:Demetr_31 son named Antiochus, by Apame, a Persian lady; but he tho

  Apame 2   - the daughter of Seleucus I, king of Syria
  + Apama
Malal_198 ters by Apama, who were called Apama and Laodice. After
Malal_203 named it after his daughter Apama. After building a wal

  Apame 3   - the daughter of Antiochus I, king of Syria
  + Apama , Arsinoe
275/8 Magas marries Apame, the daughter of Antiochus.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_249 daughters Stratonice and Apame, of whom the former was mar
Just_26.3 the death of the king, Arsinoe, the mother of the girl,
PHaun_6 ε&ικ (?) of Apama . . . but (?) was cal

  Apame 4   - the daughter of Antiochus II, king of Syria
246/29a Seleucus, Antiochus and Apame, the children of Antiochus and Laodice,

  Apame 5   (Artakama) - the wife of Ptolemy I, king of Egypt
Wikipedia entry
Plut:Eum_1 rs; one of which, called Apame, he gave to Ptolemy; and

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