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  Arbela   - a city in Mesopotamia, near to the site of the battle of Gaugamela
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  + Arbelitis
Arrian:Fr_9   ovinces, Mesopotamia and Arbelitis were given to Amphimach
FGrH_255.7   over Dareius, in a battle at Arbela. After that Dareius
Plin:HN_37.149   to Democritus, is found at Arbela and is as large as
Plin:HN_37.163   It is found also at Arbela. This is yet another gem
Plut:Mor_180   fight for the world at Arbela, against ten hundred thous

  Arbela 2   - a city of Galilee, in Palestine
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1Macc_9 mped against Mesaloth in Arbela, and they took it and kill
Joseph:AJ_12.421 and pitched his camp at Arbela, a city of Galilee; and
Joseph:AJ_14.415 near to a village called Arbela; [416] and on the fortieth
Joseph:BJ_01.305 horsemen, to the village Arbela, and came himself forty

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