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  Athenion   - a companion of Ptolemy IV, king of Egypt
Joseph:AJ_12.171 ife, and with his friend Athenion, who was the very person

  Athenion 2   - leader of the slave revolt in Sicily, 104-101 B.C.
104/12 Athenion starts another slave uprising, and joins up with Salvius,
102/11 The death of Tryphon; Athenion takes over as leader of the slaves,
101/2 Athenion attacks Messana.
101/12 Aquillius defeats and kills Athenion.
    Within translations:
Diod_36.5 ebellion. Their leader was one Athenion, a valiant man,
Diod_36.7 ild a palace, he sent to Athenion, summoning him as a king

  Athenion 3   - tyrant of Athens, 88 B.C.
88/55 Athenion seizes power in Athens, with the support of Archelaus; he
    Within translations:
Athen_* 05.211-214 * ion, and not at all like Athenion the Peripatetic philosop
Poseidon_36 Athen_5.211'd-215'b & Athenion establishes himself as

  Athenion 4   - a general of Cleopatra
Joseph:AJ_15.115   have been quite destroyed, if Athenion had not attacked Herod and
Joseph:AJ_15.139   had conquered them, then came Athenion, and made war against us
Joseph:BJ_1.367   in that pursuit; while Athenion, who was one of Cleopatr
Joseph:BJ_1.369   fight begun so suddenly, Athenion had not found a proper
Joseph:BJ_1.375   had you, and marched on, Athenion's treachery took place;

  Athenion   - in documents
DioscEpigr_5.138 38] & { G-P 2 } & Atheniŏn sang "The Horse," an evil

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