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  Bomilcar   - a Carthaginian general, who fought against Agathocles
310/24 Agathocles defeats a Carthaginian army under Hanno and Bomilcar.
308/14 Bomilcar is put to death after he fails to gain power in an armed upr
    Within translations:
Just_22.7   troops of Agathocles, Bomilcar, the Carthaginian genera
Oros_4.6.30   Agathocles, the Carthaginian general Hamilcar and his army would

  Bomilcar 3   - a Carthaginian admiral ine the Second Punic War
211/3 The Carthaginian admiral Bomilcar declines battle against the Roman

  Bomilcar 4   - an officer of Jugurtha, accused of treachery
108/6 Jugurtha discovers that Bomilcar is plotting against him.

  Bomilcar   - in documents
Syll_321 (330-310)   envoys Synalos and Bomilcar to the prytaneion for

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