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  Chabrias   - Athenian general, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_12.532   Affairs of Philip, speaking of Chabrias the Athenian, he says -
Nepos_12.1   [1]   Chabrias, the Athenian. This man also
Nepos_12.3   Athens, to remonstrate because Chabrias was warring against their
Nepos_12.4   [4]   Now Chabrias lost his life during the
Nepos_13.4   to an end with Iphicrates, Chabrias and Timotheus, and after the
Nepos_15.4   satisfied with that, but through Chabrias, the Athenian, of whom I
Philoch_150   hicrates took it over and then Chabrias. It was by using
Philoch_223   influence on account of Chabrias and Timotheus, the Athen
Plut:Mor_187   baggage. CHABRIAS. Chabrias said, they were the best comma
Plut:Mor_193   their shields. & Chabrias, having slain a few Thebans
Plut:Mor_194   he thought himself or Chabrias or Iphicrates the better
Plut:Phoc_6   youth he served under Chabrias, then commander of the
Plut:Phoc_7   time after this, Chabrias sent Phocion to the islands
Polyaen_2.1.2   anx to the attack. Chabrias, general of the Athenians, and
Polyaen_2.22.3   danger. & When Chabrias was besieging him at Drys, and
Polyaen_3.11.1   made a safe retreat. [11] & Chabrias. To stop his men
Polyaen_3.11.10   prisoners. 10 & Chabrias landed ten of the strongest
Polyaen_3.11.11   Str_1.4'14] 11 & When Chabrias was about to fight a nav
Polyaen_3.11.2   as themselves. & Chabrias won a naval victory at Naxos,
Polyaen_3.11.3   been sent out to observe Chabrias, escaped from him and

  Chabrias 2   - Athenian archon, 415 B.C.
Philoch_122 tropos was produced when Chabrias was archon [415/4], as

  Chabrias 3   - one of the Jews who translated the bible into Greek, 3rd century B.C.
Aristeas_48 han, Abraeus, Elisha, Ananias, Chabrias.... Of the fifth

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