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  Eusebius   - bishop of Caesarea; Christian writer, early 4th century A.D.
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308/_ (( called Andromenes of Corinth by Eusebius - but see 304 B.C. ))
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Euseb]:Chron_139 100 years [old]. Eusebius does not give a total number
ExcBarb_51B (?) called Fuusdu according to Eusebius. On the day when
Malal_197 lated by the chroniclers Eusebius [follower] of Pamphilus
Malal_207 capture of Jerusalem, as Eusebius [follower] of Pamphilus
Porph:Fr_35 have been composed by Eusebius, Apollinarius, and previ

  Eusebius   - in documents
SelPap_2.228 Gaius Valerius Eusebius to the riparii in
SelPap_2.240 the 24." Theon son of Eusebius, ex-prytanis, said :
SelPap_2.332 (a)To Flavius Eusebius, logistes of the Oxy

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