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  Fulvia   - the wife of P.Clodius and of M.Antonius
Wikipedia entry
75/49 The eccentricity of Tuditanus, grandfather of Fulvia.
46/94 M.Antonius marries Fulvia.
43/117 Antonius and his wife Fulvia abuse the severed head of Cicero, which
43/46 Atticus helps Fulvia, the wife of Antonius, during the fighting aroun
41/8 Octavianus repudiates his wife Claudia, the daughter of Fulvia.
40/9 from Egypt to Asia Minor, and then to Greece, where he meets Fulvia.
40/17 Fulvia, the wife of Antonius, dies at Sicyon.
    Within translations:
Nepos:Att_9   ught to deprive his wife Fulvia of all her property, and
Oros_6.18   his side. 17 At Rome, Fulvia, the wife of Antony and
ValMax_3.5.3   the people; yet his wife Fulvia, who wore a dagger, showed
ValMax_9.1.8   he prostituted Mucia and Fulvia, both renowned for their

  Fulvia 2   - the mistress of Q.Curius
63/4 of his colleague Antonius, and of Fulvia, the mistress of Q.Curius.

  Fulvia   - in documents
CIL_1.678 tus Fulvius, freedman of Fulvia Publius Pactumeius, fr
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   cilia, Scribonia, Licinia, Fulvia, Salutaris. Who

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