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  Gadara   - a city in the Decapolis, south of the Sea of Galilee
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100/1 Alexander Jannaeus captures Gadara.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_12.136   Samaria, and Abila, and Gadara; and that, a while afterwa
Joseph:AJ_12.308   suing the rest as far as Gadara, and the plains of Idumaea
Joseph:AJ_13.356   inst Coele Syria. He also took Gadara, after a siege of
Joseph:AJ_13.396   Tabor, Scythopolis, and Gadara; of the country of Gauloni
Joseph:AJ_14.75   reover, he rebuilt Gadara, which had been demolished a lit
Joseph:AJ_14.91   Jerusalem, the second at Gadara, the third at Amathus, the
Joseph:AJ_15.217   also added to his kingdom Gadara, Hippos, and Samaria; and, besides
Joseph:AJ_15.351   again. [351] Some of the Gadarenes came to Agrippa, and accused
Joseph:AJ_15.354   of the inhabitants of Gadara clamoured against Herod, saying
Joseph:BJ_1.86   gypt, Alexander besieged Gadara, and took it; as also he
Joseph:BJ_1.155   He also rebuilt Gadara, that had been demolished by the
Joseph:BJ_1.170   Jerusalem, another to Gadara, that another should belon
Joseph:BJ_1.396   patra, but besides that, Gadara, and Hippos, and Samaria;
Meleager_7.417-419 *   Tyre was my nurse, and Gadara, which is Attic {in cultur
Meleager_7.418   first country was famous Gadara ; then Tyre received me

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