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  Idomeneus   of Lampsacus - a historian and follower of Epicurus, 3rd century B.C.
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270/1a cur:Fr_122 & 138, letters from Epicurus to Hermarchus and Idomeneus.
249/5 icurus: Colotes, Hermarchus, Idomeneus, Leonteus, Polyaenus, and Them
    Within translations:
Athen_7.279   the man was always flattering Idomeneus and Metrodorus.
Athen_12.532   [44.]   But Idomeneus tells us that the Peisistratidae
Athen_12.533   [ see 13.576.c ]. But Idomeneus has made this statement in
Athen_13.576   did not Themistocles, as Idomeneus relates, harness a char
Athen_13.590   made her his housekeeper, as Idomeneus relates. But, in
Athen_13.592   ted to amorous indulgences, as Idomeneus tells us. Accordi
Athen_13.611   crates, after his death, which Idomeneus asserts to be the
DiogLaert_10.5   also that he flattered Idomeneus, and Herodotus, and Tim
DiogLaert_10.22-25 *   the following letter to Idomeneus: "We have written
Plut:Phoc_4   the son of a turner, as Idomeneus claims, it would certai

  Idomeneus 2   - a farmer in the village of Camini, Egypt; 3rd century B.C.
218/1 PEnteux_60, a petition from Idomeneus about a flooded field.

  Idomeneus   - in documents
Syll_658 (166-146)   the prytaneis; since Idomeneus of Rhodes, the so
THI_138 (early 2nd cent.)   e son of Kleanaktides, Idomeneus of Lampsakos the s

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