Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 658


Greek text:   IG_12.5.829
Date:     166-146 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

When the power of Rhodes was at its peak, before the Third Macedonian War, Tenos was an important base for its navy; see R.M.Berthold, "Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age" page 143 ( Google Books ). If this inscription is correctly dated to after 166 B.C., then it suggests that, with Rhodian power on the wane as the result of Roman sanctions, Tenos felt it necessary to form new agreements with other states.

It was resolved by the council and the people, as recommended by the prytaneis; since Idomeneus of Rhodes, the son of Timokrates, who was sent by the people for the amendment of the agreement with the Achaeans, is a good man and shows goodwill towards the people of Tenos; and he continually provides assistance both publicly to the city and privately to those of the Tenians who meet him; and he has conducted himself during his residence here in a fine and prudent manner, worthy of our city and of the people of [Rhodes]; therefore, so that our [people] may be seen to honour [good men] and [to grant] them suitable rewards for their benefactions, [with good fortune it is resolved] . . .

inscription 659

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