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  Isaeus   of Chalcis - Greek orator, 4th cenutry B.C.
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DionHal:Din_1 Lysias, Isocrates and Isaeus were, nor a perfecter of
Philoch_22 phalus ["three-headed"]: Isaeus in Against Eucleides says,
Philoch_45 HARPOCRATION & Twelve Hundred: Isaeus in Against Isomachus
Philoch_71 pi;ποι : Isaeus in the Temenicon - those
Plut:Mor_837 and some say, Hypereides and Isaeus too. They add likewi
Plut:Mor_844 ion that he was pupil to Isaeus the Chalcidian, who lived

  Isaeus 2   - Athenian archon, 284 B.C.
284/_ Athenian archon: Isaeus

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