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  Medeia   of Colchis - daughter of Aeetes, and wife of Jason
Wikipedia entry
  + Medea
Athen_13.556 Il_9'447 ]. And Medeia, although well acquainted with
Athen_13.559 res. And suppose & Medeia was a termagant,- what then ?
Diod_34.14 imitating the cruelty of Medeia, he murdered her son, bego
ElegMaec_1.103 moored, the daughter {Medea} of Aeetes, all-skilled in
Euseb]:Chron_61 the river Phasis, and to (?) Medeia of Colchis. They say
Just_2.6 eus, was king of Athens; Medea divorced herself from him,
Just_42.2 join him), by his wife Medea, whom, having previously

  Medeia 2   - title of a tragedy, by Euripides
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Diog_Laert_07.180 nearly the whole of the Medeia of Euripides, and some one

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