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  Nannion   - an Athenian courtesan, 4th century B.C.
310/33 comments about the courtesan Nannion, nick-named "Goat" and "Prosceni
    Within translations:
Athen_13.558 evil. & And as for Nannion, in what, I pray, & Does she
Athen_13.567 man old women sleep, & Nannion and Plangōn, Lyca,
Athen_13.568 cost. And in his Nannion, (if the play under this name
Athen_13.576 amia and Scione and Satyra and Nannion. And was not Themis
Athen_13.587 And Hypereides mentions Nannion in his oration against

  Nannion   - in documents
Asclepiad_5.207 { G-P 7 } & Bitto and Nanniŏn of Samos will not

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