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  Peitho   - the Greek personification of Persuasion
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  + Persuasion
AntipSid_7.14   gether reared, with whom Peitho wove the undying wreath
Athen_11.502   "May our Lady Persuasion { Peitho } and the cup of
Athen_13.564   Cypris, and tender-eyed Persuasion, & Combined to nourish
Athen_13.574   fairest train & Of soft Persuasion,- & Ornament of the
Cic:Brut_59   rrow and quintessence of Persuasion." That which the Greek
Ennius:Ann_300   people' - and the marrow of Persuasion. . . . This Ceth
Meleager_5.137   One ladle for Heliodora Peitho and one for Heliodora Cypr
Meleager_5.140   skill to your touch, and Peitho endowing your speech with
Meleager_5.195   words were wrought by Peitho {"Persuasion"} and her swe
Meleager_12.95   Loves and sweet-breathed Peitho, and the Graces that gathe

  Peitho 2   - a prostitute, the lover of Hieronymus of Syracuse
214/15 Hieronymus marries a prostitute called Peitho.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.577 brothel, whose name was Peitho, and married her, and made

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