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  Petesuchus   - in documents
110/7 PTeb_77, a report by Petesuchus on a plot of land near Cerceosiris.
110/8 PTeb_53, a petition from Horus to Petesuchus.
95/1 PGrenf_2'36, a letter from Petesuchus to Peteharsemtheus.
    Within translations:
SelPap_1.102 (Late 2nd cent.)   Petesouchus son of Marres, cu
SelPap_1.185 (Late 2nd cent.)   on of Pet . . . Petesouchus son of Melas, Chaeremon
SelPap_1.54 led Protous, daughter of Petesouchus, aged about 34 ye
SelPap_1.68 (92 or 59)   Petesouchus also called Pete
SelPap_2.255 Heracles son of Petesouchus, head of the wea
SelPap_2.278 demolished by the mason Petesouchus son of Petesouc
SelPap_2.289 enouphis son of Herieus, Petesouchus son of Sotas, H
SelPap_2.312 eracleopolite nome, from Petesouchus son of Pisoitis
SelPap_2.315 rrantors Marcus Aurelius Petesouchus, Serenus Petron
SelPap_2.389 Bacchias : Zoilus son of Petesouchus son of Elites,

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