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  Plutus   - the Greek god of Wealth
Wikipedia entry
Athen_06.235 charmus, in his Hope, or Plutus, has introduced one in a
Athen_06.247 stes, Nicostratus in his Plutus, Menander in his Drunkenne
Athen_06.269 low & Straight down from Plutus' own springs, & For all
Athen_13.592 and perhaps also in his Plutus [ 179 ], where he says-
Athen_15.694 the Queen, & Mother of Plutus, Olympian Demeter; & May
Philoch_143 the second version of Plutus, regardless of the inconsi
Philoch_150 4'24 ] and by Aristophanes in Plutus [173 ]. Conon first

  Plutus   - in documents
CIL_1.2506 of Gaius Publius Ovius Plutus, freedman of Publius G

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