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  Rhossus   - a city on the coast, near the border between Cilicia and Syria
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  + Rhosus
318/34 adron of Phoenician ships surrenders to Antigonus' fleet at Rhossus.
298/3 Seleucus meets Demetrius at Rhossus, and marries his daughter Straton
33/25 herk_86'1-72, a letter of Octavianus concerning Seleucus of Rhosus.
31/33 Sherk_86'73-84, the third letter from Octavianus to Rhosus.
30/40 5-93, the fourth letter of Octavianus concerning Seleucus of Rhosus.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.586   another. And at Rhossus, he went so far as to erect a
Athen_13.595   zen statue to Glycera in Rhossus of Syria, where he intend
Malal_198   her father Demetrius in Rhosus, a city founded by Cilix
Malal_201   it up] in the city of Rhosus in Cilicia, which had been
Polyaen_4.6.9   enician ships, bound for Rhosus, a port of Cilicia, and
SEG_54.1625.A-D *   council and people of Rhosos, sacred, inviolable and autonomous

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