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  Segesta   - a city in Sicily
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  + Acesta , Segestaeans
306/2 Agathocles sacks the city of Segesta.
262/2 Segesta, Halicyae and other towns go over to the Romans.
260/7 Hamilcar defeats Caecilius near Segesta.
260/9 The Romans raise the siege of Segesta.
71/43 impositions on Agyrium, Herbita, Acesta, Lipara, and other towns.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.25   pitoline Museum. . . . and the Segestaeans . . . he (D
Diod_36.5   in the territories of Segesta and Lilybaeum were likewi
Plin:HN_3.91   the Centuripini, Netini and Segestani; tributaries are the Assorini,
Plut:Mor_834   men from Leontini and Egesta and, as the Athenians hesitated
SEG_30.1119   (late 4th cent.)   s who came here from Segesta - Apellikos son of Ade

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