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  Souchus   (Sobek)   - an Egyptian god
Wikipedia entry
125/1a PTeb_281, a receipt for a tithe for the temple of Souchus.
    Within translations:
AET_4.10.A   Amun in Karnak, Priest of Sobek, Bull of the Lake within
AET_4.10.B   Amun in Karnak, Priest of Sobek within the Isheru, Nesmin, justified
AET_6.3.B   name of the priests of Sobk lord of Amur of the
AET_6.13.A   Phmois, the agent of Souchos the great god Nechtpharaus,
AET_9.4.C   great god and [ ? Sobek ], the great god and
OGIS_176   (98)   the very great god Souchos by those who were ephebe
OGIS_178   (95)   the very great god Souchos by those who were ephebe
SelPap_1.274A   (123) from the priests of Souchus in Crocodilopolis in the
SelPap_2.379   priest of the twice great god Souchus and the associated gods,
SelPap_2.404   ncestral god . . . Souchus the twice great, for crown

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