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  Strato   (Strato's Tower) - the previous name of Caesareia Maritima in Palestine
Hieron:Chron_2005 was previously called Strato's Tower, and renamed it
Joseph:AJ_13.309 place which was called Strato's Tower, where the passage
Joseph:AJ_13.312 die at the place called Strato's Tower that very day, whi
Joseph:AJ_13.313 itself was called also Strato's Tower, or of the same
Joseph:AJ_13.324 be conquered, besides Strato's Tower and Dora, which
Joseph:AJ_13.326 Zoilus, who possessed Strato's Tower and Dora, and main
Joseph:AJ_13.395 icians: At the sea-side, Strato's Tower, Apollonia, Joppa,
Joseph:AJ_14.76 and Joppa, and Dora, and Strato's Tower; which last Herode
Joseph:BJ_* 01.77-80 * passage which was called Strato's Tower, he was slain by
Joseph:BJ_01.156 ich was anciently called Strato's Tower, but was afterward
Joseph:BJ_1.396 and Anthedon, and Joppa, and Strato's Tower. [397] He
Joseph:BJ_1.408 decayed (its name was Strato's Tower) but that the plac
Malal_224 224] changed the name of Strato's Tower to Caesareia of

  Strato 2   - an early king of Tyre
Just_18.3 mentioned the matter to Strato (for that was the name of

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