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  Syphax   - king of the Massylii in Numidia, late 3rd century B.C.
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213/13 Syphax enters into an alliance with the Romans, and Hasdrubal is reca
212/13 Peace is agreed between Syphax and the Carthaginians.
210/22 Romans send an embassy to Syphax in Numidia, and to Ptolemy in
206/8 Scipio visits Syphax in an attempt to win his support.
205/16 Syphax defeats Masinissa and drives him out of his kingdom.
204/16 Hasdrubal persuades Syphax to repudiate his friendship with Scipio.
203/2 Scipio makes a successful night attack on the camp of Syphax.
203/3 arthaginians resolve to continue the war in conjunction with Syphax.
203/6 Syphax returns territory which had been captured by Masinissa to Cart
203/7 Laelius and Masinissa defeat and capture Syphax.
203/15 Laelius arrives at Rome with Syphax, and envoys from Masinissa.
200/11 an embassy to Carthage, Masinissa, and Vermina the son of Syphax.
    Within translations:
Just_38.6   conquered; to him, that Syphax was made prisoner; to him,
Oros_4.18   Carthage as a fugitive. Then Syphax and Hasdrubal recruited a great
Plin:HN_5.19   Siga, the capital of King Syphax, where we reach the second
Polyaen_8.16.7   io, having engaged Syphax king of the Massylians in an all
ValMax_5.1.1   of the senate, that when Syphax, formerly a most prosperous king
ValMax_6.2.3   two kings, Perseus and Syphax, chained to their triumphal
ValMax_6.9e.7   Next to him follows king Syphax, who underwent the same extreme
ValMax_9.8.1   with two quinquremes to king Syphax, trusting his own and his

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