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  Theodectes   of Phaselis - a writer of tragedies, 4th century B.C.
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Aelian:NA_6.10   ides, by Hippias, and by Theodectes, or by any other of
Aristeas_316   from the lips [316] of Theodectes, one of the tragic poe
Cic:Tusc_1.59   said to have had, or Theodectes, ** or that Cineas, **
Joseph:AJ_12.113   over, he informed him of Theodectes, the tragic poet, conc
Plut:Mor_837   ments for tragedies, and Theodectes of Phaselis, who after
ValMax_8.14e.3   fully in the books of Theodectes. If respect for his great

  Theodectes   - in documents
DioscEpigr_7.167 Archelaus, daughter of Theodectes and ill-fated Demarete
PsCallisth_3.17 es, Thrasyleon, Machaon, Theodectes, Diiphilus, Neocles,
Syll_322 ippos Poseidonios son of Theodektes Lykophron son of E

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