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  Victoria   - the Roman goddess of Victory, similar to the Greek Nike
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294/13 Postumius dedicates the temple of Victoria.
193/12 The dedication of the temple of Victoria Virgo.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_6.313   daughter of Pallas, holy Victory, look ever with good will
Athen_5.197   fter them came images of Victory, having golden wings, and
Athen_5.202   rawn by real elephants, having Victory and Athena on each
Athen_6.243   & I Ares invoke, and mighty Victory, & To favour this
Athen_13.563   Them they did give to Victory, a spoil & Well won, and
CIL_1.387   Flavius gave this as a gift to Victory willingly and d
CIL_1.388   willingly and deservedly on Victory . . . quaest
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   . One temple of Victory was dedicated in 294 B.C.,
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   iness; Public Holiday. To Victory. To Victory the
Demetr:Eloc_281   the golden Statues of Victory should be melted down,
Diod_33.28a   aring a golden statue of Victory weighing ten thousand gol
Just_39.2   he ordered a statue of Victory of solid gold, which was
Obseq_14   lightning. In the Temple of Victory a swan slipped through the
Obseq_70   procession for the rites of Victory, he fell off the litter.
Obseq_65a   Tralles in the temple of Victory under the statue of Caesar
Sall:Hist_2.59   he sat down a statue of Victory was let down by a rope
SelPap_2.404   acknowledgement of the Victory which he contribute
ValMax_1.6.12   Pergamum: in the temple of Victory a palm suddenly sprang up
ValMax_1.1e.3   away the little statues of Victory, cups and crowns which they
ValMax_4.8e.1   it as an image of Victory, so that he might compel

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